Monday, 5 December 2011

Apa Jadi Kalau Google Tak Wujud

Pernah imagine tak apa jadi kalau Google cease to exist. Antara persoalan yang timbul :

  • What search engine would you use if Google didn’t exist?
  • Where would you host your personal e-mail if not for Gmail?
  • What would you do with your newly-bricked Google Android-powered T-Mobile G1?
  • How would your office function without Google Groups, Docs, Chat/Talk and Calendar?
  • How would you get from point A to B without the easy-to-use Google Maps? (Mapquest?)
  • How would you read online news if not for Google Reader or iGoogle?
  • How would sites with regularly-updated content (like this one) operate if not for Feedburner?
  • How would sites monetize that content without Google Adsense?
  • How would you track your finances without Google Finance?
  • How would you surf the Web on a Netbook without the lightweight Google Chrome browser?


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